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To:       COUNTY OF FRESNO                             Certified Letter No. 7002 2410 0001 7023 6517

            DETENTION FACILITY                                                                  Return Receipts Requested

            P.O. BOX 872                                                                                    

                FRESNO, CALIFORNIA


            COUNTY OF FRESNO                             Certified Letter No. 7002 2410 0001 7023 6524

            MUNICIPAL COURT- CRIMINAL B102                                                     Return Receipts Requested

            1100 VAN NESS AVENUE

            FRESNO, CALIFORNIA  93724-0002


            CITY OF FRESNO                                          Certified Letter No. 7002 2410 0001 7023 6531

            POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                                    Return Receipts Requested

            2323 MARIPOSA MALL

            FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 93721






Affidavit of:    Special Visit and Opening Affidavit Facts (Facts 1-5)

Citizenship (Facts 6-9)

Copyright (Fact 10)

                                    Denial of Corporate Existence (Facts 11-12)

Rejection of Contract Offer (Facts 13-14)

Points of Contracting (Facts 15-20)

Violations if Attempts to Contract Continue (Facts 21-24)

Closing Facts (Fact 25-28)

                                    Summary Judgment (Fact 29)


In Commerce, everything must be stated in Truth.  I, Jack having the family name of Slevkoff, hereinafter I, Me, My, Myself, Jack; Slevkoff, being of sound mind, over the age of 21 years, am a Living Soul, a Sovereign, a Private Person, a Creditor, Claimant, and am NOT a STATUTORY or JURISTIC PERSON. I, Jack; Slevkoff, do hereby solemnly declare, say, and state: (1) Living Soul is competent for stating the matters set forth herewith; (2) Living Soul has first hand knowledge about the facts stated herein; (3) Everything stated in this TRUTH AFFIDAVIT is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth and all stated is true, correct, complete, and not misleading so help me YHWH.   NO THIRD PARTIES ALLOWED.


PLAIN STATEMENT ABOUT THE FACTS:  (a) For Resolving a Matter it must be expressed; (b) In Commerce Truth is Sovereign; (c) Truth is expressed in the Affidavit Form; (d) An Unrebutted Affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce; (e) An Unrebutted Affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce; (f) A Truth Affidavit, under Commercial Law, can only be satisfied by a Rebuttal about the Truth Affidavit, by payment, by agreement, by resolution by a jury according by the rules for Common Law.


A LAWFUL CONTRACT has: (1) Offer; (2) Consideration; (3) Acceptance by all Parties for the Contract and; (4) The Signatures by all Parties involved with the Contract. Only the parties signing the Contract can participate in the discussion of the Contract.  Full disclosure about the CONTRACT is imperative.




  • Attempt by “OFFICER: SHEILA FOSTER” d/b/a as an officer or agent of and for the corporation commonly known as COUNTY OF FRESNO to contract JACK SLEVKOFF JR via CITATION #S18203 dated 16 JUL 1903.


I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), hereby aver:


  1. This affidavit is in commerce and in common law.
  2. The COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA and any and all heirs, officers, agents or assigns including but not limited to “OFFICER: SHEILA FOSTER”, are all fictional entities operating in commerce.
  3. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), am responsible only for the common law.
  4. This affidavit is not a motion or a plea.
  5. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), make the following statements: By special visit, by special appearance and not general appearance, without prejudice, and with Agency and power of attorney in fact to represent the SECURED PARTY/CORPORATE FICTION, JACK SLEVKOFF JR.
  6. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), am NOT: a created entity; a corporation; a subject of: Britain, a British commonwealth, the British Isles, the United Kingdom or the Holy See; a citizen of England, a citizen of the UNITED STATES, a 14th Amendment citizen subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, a citizen of America; a resident, citizen or subject of any earthly territory, kingdom, or land.
  7. I, Jack; Slevkoff, a living soul in flesh and blood man, AM: a child of the Creator, YHWH; an heir of the King, Yahshua and therefore My citizenship is in Heaven.  While a sojourner on this earth, I am living on of the land called California, the republic, a nation where the land will forever belong to the people being established by the Spanish Land Grant through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. My Father, YHWH, who created all land and owns all land is Sovereign, and I am Sovereign.
  8. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), am a Sovereign, NOT a citizen of the UNITED STATES or of any STATE. 
  9. I, Jack; Slevkoff, a real, living, breathing soul, and NOT a Corporate Fiction or a Resident, give Notice of My mailing location: Non-Domestic, c/o Temporary post location: c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite #140, Fresno, Non-domestic, California, [zip code exempt (DMM 122.32)], Jack; Slevkoff.  There is no zip code as this area is not a location within a federal territory or federal tax district.  Must be written or inscribed exactly as shown including use of proper upper and lower case letters, brackets, and non-abbreviations, especially no “CA”.  If written any other way, I will refuse for cause without dishonor for “incorrect venue” and or claim “not Me.”  Also keep in mind that I do not hold office as a "Mister" or “Sire” (abbreviated: "Mr." or “Sir”) or have a craft, trade, occupation, calling, or employment that utilizes "Mister" as a title of courtesy or nobility.   
  10. JACK SLEVKOFF JR or any derivative thereof is My private property and is copyrighted. You do not have My permission to use My copyright.  (See copyright attached).
  11. I, Jack; Slevkoff, am a real, living, breathing soul that bleeds, proving that I am NOT a corporate fiction, NOT under the rules, codes or regulations of the corporate fictions, NOT belonging in the courts of the corporate fictions, NOT wanting to hurt or injure Myself, and NOT giving up any of My RIGHTS!
  12. I, Jack; Slevkoff, negatively aver the existence of all limited liability entities - corporations, including but not limited to: COUNTY OF FRESNO; STATE OF CALIFORNIA; CA; CITY OF FRESNO; the BRITISH BAR; STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA, and any and all BAR associations; and any and all agents, heirs or assigns for the fictions named above. I will provide upon written request the AFFIDAVIT with Specific Negative Averment and Denial Corporations Existence which having NEVER BEEN REBUTTED stands as FACT!
  13. “OFFICER: SHEILA FOSTER” did cause offer of contract to Jack; Slevkoff as a potential DEMAND for “monies” and or My valuable time and therefore falls under [UCC 3-501].  [UCC 3-501(2)(i)] states that you must exhibit the instrument – contract – that I have with you that makes Me liable for your demand.  Since I am not aware of such contract, I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul) am refusing to pay or accept your offer for not having an agreement. See [UCC 3-501(3)(ii).].  You must PROVE UP YOUR CLAIM. 
  14. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), hereby reject and return your unsigned offer of contract titled COUNTY OF FRESNO NOTICE TO APPEAR CITATION #S18203 dated 16 JUL 1903 to join with the corporate fiction known as the COUNTY OF FRESNO. (See rejected offer attached hereto.)
  15. Everything you do MUST be by permission of the parties involved, as forced contracts are unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional. 
  16. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), have NO business with you or your organization.
  17. You are in My affairs without subject matter jurisdiction and you are trying to extort “monies  and or My valuable time from Me (the living soul) under color of law.
  18. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul) am NOT obligated to abide by your corporation’s rules, codes and regulations.
  19. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), demand that you immediately provide ME a copy of your corporation’s charter, as your attempts to contract Me are outside of your power and therefore all such acts are Ultra Vires.  Also provide me with your bond number and bonding company’s name and address. You only have My permission to mail Me these requested items.
  20. Your corporation’s codes, rules, regulations, statutes and other policies are NOT LAWS!  Only the Legislature can pass laws, but the Legislature cannot pass any laws that would violate My rights such as the right of locomotion by any means.   Also keep in mind that a man has a right to defend His rights, to protect his property, and to avoid being kidnapped.
  21. There are no injured parties, there is no damaged property; and if there has been a common law crime committed, the matter is to be heard in the correct venue and court; and must be tried by jury under the common law of California in a court of record. 
  22. The entire matter appears to be a commercial fabrication using deceptively similar names.
  23. You, your Principals, or other officers or agents of the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, and or the STATE OF CALIFORNIA are attempting to extort My valuable time and or an excise tax against My right to locomotion.  That is unlawful. [Jack Cole Co. vs. Alfred T. McFarland, Sup. Court Tenn. 337 S.W. 2d. 453: “Legislature can name any privilege a taxable privilege and tax it by means other than an income tax, but legislature cannot name something to be a taxable privilege unless it is first a privilege…” and Refield vs. Fisher, Sup. Court Oregon 292 at 813: “The individual, unlike the corporation, cannot be taxed for the mere privilege of existing” and for the right to locomotion by any means.  “The corporation is an artificial entity which owes its existence and charter powers to the state; but the individual’s right to live and own property are natural Rights for the enjoyment of which an excise cannot be imposed…”]
  24. As a Fiduciary of your corporation you are presumed to know the law.  If you persist in this matter, you will cause the following violations to occur:  Collusion/rape, extortion, corruption of the Constitution and: [USC Title 18 Section 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law; USC Title 18 Section 1001 False and fictitious statements, conversion of the language to obstruct the truth; USC Title 18 Section 1002 Possession of false papers to defraud; USC Title 18 Section 3 Accessory after the fact; USC Title 18 Section 1341 Frauds and swindles – mail fraud; USC Title 18 Section 1342  Fictitious name or address – mail fraud; and if you took an oath of office and swore or affirmed you would uphold the constitution, then you would also be guilty of USC Title 18 Section 1621 Perjury (of oath).]
  25. If I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), receive any more offers from you or if you send any more offers to the fiction JACK SLEVKOFF JR, then I will record an affidavit of criminal complaint against anyone involved, as I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), do NOT give My permission for anyone associated with the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA or any heirs, agents and assigns thereof to EVER attempt to re-contract Me, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), or JACK SLEVKOPFF JR (the fiction) again – either verbally or in writing! 
  26. If I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), receive any more offers from you or if you send any more offers to the fiction JACK SLEVKOFF JR, then you hereby agree to be placed into involuntary bankruptcy for interfering in My Commercial Affairs as you do NOT have My permission or consent by assent to interfere or act on My behalf.  If you, send another offer or demand/threat, I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), will place a UCC-1 against any and all of your property and cause it to be sold.
  27. I, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), do NOT give My permission for anyone associated with, or any heirs, agents or assigns of the fiction corporation COUNTY OF FRESNO, CITY OF FRESNO to ever “fine” Me, Jack; Slevkoff (the living soul), or JACK SLEVKOFF JR (the fiction, My private property) and or to detain, arrest, or incarcerate Me, to steal My property such as fingerprints, and or kidnap Me.
  28. Possession of this document does not grant possessing party any rights of copyright, and any delivery to third parties by possessor will result in copyright violation. All parties agree with the copyright holder that such infringement is a violation and is actionable to a commercial claim being placed against the violating party.
  29. Jack; Slevkoff’s Summary Judgment to anyone associated with the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA or any heirs, agents and assigns thereof; is to cease and desist immediately in this matter as “OFFICER: SHEILA FOSTER” has engaged in contracting based on fraud and illegality and therefore “OFFICER: SHEILA FOSTER” et al have NO LAWFUL CLAIM TO ME OR MY PROPERTY!




Any rebuttal to this Truth Affidavit must be made within 3 business days of receipt of certified mail and must be singed under penalty of perjury in full accord with IRC 6065. Should anyone associated with the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA or any heirs, agents and assigns thereof choose not to rebut this affidavit, then their silence stands as tacit approval to all points stated herein.


If anyone associated with the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA or any heirs, agents and assigns thereof are representing Me or assuming representation of Me, then anyone associated with the COUNTY OF FRESNO, the CITY OF FRESNO, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA or any heirs, agents and assigns thereof are Hereby FIRED!

Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice, Without Recourse.


Further, Affiant saith not.


The Principle of "Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal" and

The Principle of "Notice to the Principal is Notice to all Agents" applies hereto. 


This document was prepared by Jack; Slevkoff.


In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this the Eighteenth day of the Seventh month, in the year of Our Lord and Savior Yahshua, Two Thousand and Three. 


Executed without the UNITED STATES, I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the united states of America that the foregoing is true and correct.


Witnesses:                                                                  ____________________________

Jack; Slevkoff, Living Soul,

____________________________                            Sovereign, With the Autograph


                                                                                    c/o Temporary post location:

____________________________                            c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite #140

                                                                                    Fresno, Non-domestic

                                                                                    California  [zip code exempt (DMM 122.32)]

Jack; Slevkoff


Using a notary on this document does not constitute any adhesion, nor does it alter my status in any manner. The purpose for notary is verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction, a benefit for the Pagans and Heathens so they whom I pray may become knowledgeable in the truth for the Law by our Holy Father in Heaven and repent, so they will no longer be alienated from their true God, YHWH.












The state of California
county of Fresno 




On _____________________before me _________________________________________

                           DATE                                                                                           NOTARY PUBLIC


Personally appeared,



                                                                   Name of signer who executed document

known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the signer whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and duly sworn and subscribed acknowledged to me that he executed the same in his authorized capacity and that by his signature on the instrument executed the instrument.


WITNESS my hand and official seal.

My Commission Expires: _____________                                                        



Notary Pubic                                                                            SEAL










Rejection Stamp




Your Offer to Contract

 for Subject Matter Jurisdiction

is Hereby Rejected and Returned to You

in Full Accord with Truth in Lending.


or Produce and Release the Bond to Me,


in all of your actions as they are color of law.

[UCC 3-501(2)(i) and (3)(ii)]

Any further correspondence from the Sender/Signers,

Agents, Heirs or Assigns MUST be signed

under the Penalty of Perjury.

If however I have forgotten about a contract that

we have and you can supply Me

with that contract that makes Me liable

that bears my autograph and yours,

I will gladly reconsider your offer/presentment.

Where there is no contract there can be no claim.


Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice, Without Recourse


Eighteenth day of the Seventh month ,

in the year of our Lord and Savior Yahshua,

Two thousand and three




Jack; Slevkoff