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Cluster of fruit
Also called May Apple,
Japanese medlar,
and/or Japanese plum

The loquats [pronounced: "LOH-kwahts"] are one of the first fruits to ripen in the spring. The tartly sweet, aromatic 1-1/2" golden-yellow to orange fruit that resembles an apricot in size and color usually ripen in mid to late spring. The juicy, crisp flesh is pale yellow and has a delicate, sweetly tart cherry-like or pear-like flavor. It surrounds 1 to 3 seeds that are about the size of apricot pits. The seeds are smooth and rounded but somewhat flatted on one or two sides. The yellow fleshy edible fruits are eaten raw, cooked, or made into jelly. These fruits are favorites among Asian cultures.

Cluster of fruit

In California, the ripening of the fruit called "loquats"
begins in the last weeks of May and usually ends in late June.

The tasty edible fruit are considered a great delicacy in the Orient. It is closely related to the pear and apple trees...not the citrus tree called "komquat".

We will begin taking orders April 15. Early orders will be filled when the fruit has turned a golden color, usually at the end of April or first part of May depending on the weather. Green loquats are available upon request. The fruit will become less tart as the ripening season progresses. Please indicate whether you want fruit that is more tart or less tart and we will fill the order accordingly. Allow more time for delivery for fruit that is less tart unless the loquat harvest season is almost over. The harvest season usually ends June 1. Orders received after June 1 will be returned unless fruit is still available.

The loquat is referred to as "Nisparo" in the lush areas around Costa Blanca, Spain. They are seen growing in CALLOSA D’EN SARRIÀ (ALICANTE) and the fruit is protected by covering the trees with fine netting. Although the trees were originally grown as ornamental trees in China, Japan, and India, they were not grown for their fruit until about the 1700's. The Jesuits eventually planted them on the Mauritius Islands about 850km east of Madagascar near East Africa. Then they were taken to France in about 1784 and then to Italy in 1812. At about that time a merchant seaman named Captain Roig introduced them to Sagunto’s harbour and spread them throughout the Eastern and Southeastern coast of Spain being a part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Quantity Price/lb Cost S&H Total
1 pound box $8.50 $8.50 $8.50 $17.00
5 pound box $5.00 $25.00 $13.50 $38.50
Two 5 lb. boxes $4.00 $40.00 $25.00 $65.00
Three 5 lb. boxes $3.50 $52.50 $32.50 $85.00
Four 5 lb. boxes $3.25 $65.00 $42.00 $107.00
Five 5 lb. boxes $3.00 $75.00 $52.00 $127.00
more than 25 pounds $2.75 ? email for costs ?

S&H costs shown are for destinations within USA
usually sent via Priority Mail, or 3-day air.
Overnight or 2-day air available at an additional cost.

When requesting two or more 5-pound boxes,
We can have one box sent the first week,
the second box or two the next week, et cetera,
according to your written request.

We normally send out the packages on the first or second day
of each week when available so that they arrive on or before Saturday.

Subject to availability
In 2007, Loquats began ripening on May 8 for picking
and picking season ended on May 29.
In 2004, We were out of fruit for sale on May 19
In 2006, We were out of fruit for sale on May 21
Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to package fruit in any manner at Our descretion.
May be divided up into more boxes or combined.
We reserve the right to refuse any request or order.

***Important Notice***

The loquats, seeds, seedlings, and trees We provide are from certain trees that are a fruit-bearing mixed variety that is common to the San Joaquin Valley of California. The fruit are of good taste, golden yellow color, roundish or oval in shape, and are normally 1" to 1-1/2" in size. The mature leaves vary in size from 6" to 16" long. If grown in the shade, the leaves are of the larger size.

The availability of the trees at this time is uncertain, depending on size and if reserved. Also, the availability of the seed at this time is uncertain. There has been a demand recently created due to potential use of the leaves for medicinal purposes now in research. However the fruit will be available for sale in the "late-spring early-summer" period.

If We do sell any more trees, fruit, or seed, we would want a signed

that states that any fruit, seed, or leaves harvested for commercial use and/or for profit, both now and any time in the future, would be reserved to Us and for Us unless or until We give up that right for specified reasons in writing for those certain specified trees produced from our fruit, seed, seedlings, and/or trees provided by Us. We will pay a reasonable amount for the harvested leaves and/or fruit. The amount to be determined at a later date.

If you are willing to sign such an agreement, then We may have some trees, seedlings, or seed available for you to purchase at this time and fruit when in season. Make a print of the Agreement, sign it in blue ink, and send together with payment.

Payment Information
We accept
Cashier's check, Postal Money Orders.
We also accept
personal checks ,
but allow 15 working days to clear bank processing.

Make checks and money orders
payable to "Jack Slevkoff"
We no longer accept credit cards due to credit card fraud and identity theft.
No Western Union and no PayPal.

No Minimum required.
Ignore $50 minimum on ORDER FORM

To Order
When fruit arrive, keep them at room
temperature away from sun and moisture.
They last longer and don't become over-ripe
so quickly if refrigerated.
Remove any damaged, discolored, or bruised fruit.

Do not eat, chew, or swallow the seeds.
The loquat seed is highly toxic.

Remove the fleshly fruit from the seed
before eating or cooking.

Or you can grow your own

Purchase loquat trees
or seed pits from us
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Loquat Recipes

Loquat Leaves Wanted

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Our temporary post (mailing) location is:

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