One of the best
or "The best"

Lottery Collection

Below are examples of some of the unscratched tickets in the collection.

is now available
to a museum, to a seasoned lottologist, or to a private collector
for show or display, or to add to ones stock, or as an investment

Included are: Also, there is a lot of duplicates
that can be used as tradeable material or sold separately.

Note that all items have been properly stored
in a dry dark cool place for all these years.
Therefore, all items are in prestine condition as when firstly obtained.

Goes all the way back to the first scratcher tickets (1985)
and the first California lottery items produced

Thousands of items available

You will be amazed and surprised at the rare and unusual items in this collection

I will be surprised if there is another collection like this one
Some items are irreplaceable.

You may not get another chance to own such a nice collection as this one.
Lottery collecting has been around for some time but is still in its infancy
and has tremendous potential as being extremely valuable in the near future.

Set up an appointment,
take a look at the items available,
and make Me an offer.

Can be sold whole or in parts.
Let Me know what you want.

Available for viewing by appointment only
Must show ID and provide phone number
I will take photo of you and your car plates before viewing
All done for My protection and security.

Send email to:

I may be sorry later,
but I am up in age now

and I must sell!


I am open to reasonable offers