The Twelfth day of the Eleventh month anno Domini Two thousand thirteen


Jack, Slevkoff

general Post (general delivery)

in care of Main Post Office


California  [Non-domestic, Zip exempt]


To:             Judge Anthony W. Ishii   

                d.b.a. U.S. District Judge                                    PRECEPT, number 131112-A

                United States Courthouse; Eight Floor            Decree and Order for Release

          2500 Tulare Street                                              Invoke Writ of Habeas Corpus

                Fresno, CA 93721                                              


Reference:              Case Number: 1:13-cr-00362-AWI-BAM


                                  Release ordered for incarcerated: Charles Wayne; Uptergrove

who may be mistaken for CHARLES W. UPTERGROVE or some likeness thereof, a fiction, and or supposedly being held against his will, forced to fill out and sign papers under threat, duress, and  coercion, and being denied Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment protection.



It has come to My attention that you have in confinement and or custody a white, “flesh and blood” man on the land named "Charles Wayne," of the family named "Uptergrove," who is a living soul, a member of the Sovereign, one of the people, living within the geographic area known as California, which is without the United States, and whose body is possibly being mistakenly held for an alleged debtor, a fiction, and or perhaps certain conspirators are using the color of authority to harass Charles Wayne for his beliefs, knowledge, and stance.


From what little information that has been ascertained so far, it is evident from the public record that there has been no findings of fact and conclusions of law, there is no contract in evidence, there is no title in evidence, there are no injured parties, and there is no damaged property.  If there has been a common law crime committed, the matter is to be held in the correct venue and in an appropriate court of record; and must be tried by jury of his peers in accordance with the common Law in California, the republic.  The entire matter appears to be a commercial fabrication using deceptively similar names, someone has made a "mistake of Fact" under "Color of Law" and or "Color of Authority, " and or is a result of conspiratory harassment under the color of authority.  And further, it appears that the matter was not certified to the county court of jurisdiction as required by law. 


From what I know at this time, Charles Wayne has been a victim of continuous conspiratory harassment and an extortion scheme under the color of authority on an ongoing basis from times past to this day establishing pattern and practice (RICO).  


This instrument is your authority for immediately releasing on this date, the Twelfth day of the Eleventh month anno Domini Two thousand thirteen, within Twenty-four (24) hours if you have not already done so, Charles Wayne; Uptergrove, a flesh and blood man on the land, a free inhabitant without the United States, a member of the Sovereign, one of the people.


Upon receiving a signed request in writing and receiving an affidavit signed and sealed by the injured party, a jury of His peers (members of the Sovereign) can convene to investigate the matter.


I, Jack, the son of Jack, of the family named "Slevkoff," hereinafter Jack; Slevkoff, a living soul in a flesh and blood man on the land, one of the people, a member of the Sovereign, a free inhabitant without the United States, whose law form is the common law, and whose venue is the California republic,


By the authority vested in Me, as one of the Sovereign, and by the authority given to Me by certain people in the county named Fresno, formerly a portion of Mariposa county, a county within the borders of California (the republic), being without the United States, do so decree and order the release of Charles Wayne, and record this Precept for the record.  If you continue to detain, hold, and or confine Charles Wayne, I hereby invoke this Precept a writ of Habeas Corpus.


Sincerely and respectfully,

signed and sealed,



Jack; Slevkoff