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Direct from Sunny California

All of Our raisins are unprocessed.

Our "Field Run" raisins come fresh off the tray
with stems, leaf remnants, and all.

Our "Hand Select" raisins have no leaf remnants,
no debris, and all large stems and bad raisins are removed.

Our "Choice" raisins are the same as "Hand Select" but have all stems removed.


Unprocessed raisins have a peculiar delicious taste. Once you have tasted such raisins, you will never forget that distinct taste and will want more year after year.

Our raisins come from grapes grown on the rich soils of the San Joaquin Valley in central sunny California. Under normal conditions, grapes need about three weeks of drying time in the hot sun to become raisins.

The raisins We provide are much dryer than what are found in the stores. That is because the processing plants wash them with water and or other agents and leave more water in them after drying off some of the moisture so as to get the extra weight to increase profits. Raisins with more moisture do not last as long as raisins that are more dryer.

Preppers, survivalists, and homemakers
really like Our raisins because of the above reasons.


September and October is Our Harvest time.
So place your requests between

August 10 to September 20
to be placed on a list for farm fresh raisins.
Requests will be filled on a "first-come" basis
starting in October until supplies last.
Our supplies may be limited, depending on
weather and other conditions.

We do keep some raisins on hand throughout the year for small requests.
Check for availability via email before ordering.

Pounds Price/lb Cost Shipping Total
"Field Run" raisins with large stems and leaf remnants
1 $7.50 $7.50 $9.50 $17.00
2 $6.50 $13.00 $9.50 $22.50
3 $5.50 $16.50 $12.50 $29.00
4 $5.00 $20.00 $13.50 $33.50
5 $4.50 $22.50 $16.50 $39.00
10 $4.25 $42.50 $27.50 $70.00
15 $4.00 $60.00 $39.50 $99.50
20 $3.75 $75.00 $50.00 $125.00
30 $3.50 $105.00 $65.00 $170.00
"Hand Select," raisins, No leaves, No large stems
1 $13.50 $13.50 $9.50 $23.00
2 $12.50 $25.00 $9.50 $34.50
3 $11.50 $34.50 $12.50 $47.00
4 $11.00 $44.00 $13.50 $57.50
5 $10.50 $52.50 $16.50 $69.00
"Choice" raisins, all stems removed, No leaves, No debris
1 $16.50 $16.50 $9.50 $26.00
2 $15.50 $31.00 $9.50 $40.50
3 $14.50 $43.50 $12.50 $56.00
4 $14.00 $56.00 $13.50 $69.50
5 $13.50 $52.50 $16.50 $84.00

Shipping costs shown are for destinations within USA
Usually sent via Priority Mail.
For destinations outside USA, send email.

For example, if you would like to request 50 pounds, calculate costs as follows:
30 pound box is $170.00 with shipping included
20 pound box is $125.00 with shipping included
Add the two together and your total is $295.00 with shipping included

Subject to availability
Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to refuse any request or order.

To inquire or order, send email to:

I'm busy at the moment.
Just send an email.


Raisins are not a perishable product like fresh table grapes and do not necessarily need refrigeration as long as they are kept in a closeable container from ants, moths, and other insects. Raisins may not need washing, but if you do, do not wash until you are ready to eat them. Also, it may be best not to de-stem them until you are ready to eat them.

Moths, Worms, and Bugs

Processing plants usually fumigate the raisins to keep out the moths and kill any worms, bugs, or eggs.

Our raisins are not fumigated.

To kill off or prevent such organisms from flourishing and eating up the raisins, some precautions may be considered. Some people will place raisins in a glass container and store in a freezer for a certain amount of time. By doing so, most organisms will freeze and die and the raisins will taste the same as the day they were put in the container. Some people will microwave them for a short time; only long enough to kill any living organisms. Some people do nothing but remove the organism and affected raisin when observed. I usually just freeze them at least for a few days if not longer. If there are no live organisms in or on the raisins, the raisins We provide will last for many years even outside the freezer when stored in acceptable containers. Using oxygen absorbers will also increase the life of the raisins when raisins are stored in proper containers.

When you receive your raisins, place the raisins along with the stems in a wide mouth plastic, metal, or glass container that can be closed with a lid. This should keep them fresh for a long time. That way, when you want to have some, you just reach in and take some out or pour them into a bowl or dish as needed. Close the lid and store away in the closed container for future consumption. If raisins are kept cool and stored in a sealed container, they will retain their flavor, color, and nutritional value for up to 15 months; or more if frozen or left in a working freezer.

Cluster of fruit


Raisins are a good source of vitamin A, the B-1 vitamins thiamine and riboflavin; and such minerals as calcium, iron, and potassium. The sugars in raisins give quick energy because the body absorbs them immediately. That is why they are excellent for backpacking trips and high energy sports.


Raisin is a French term meaning dry grape. Raisins have been a food delicacy since ancient times. The Egyptians first discovered that drying fruit preserved it, made it sweeter, and improved its flavor. The Bible mentions that an Israelite brought cheese and raisins to pay his taxes to King David. Wealthy Romans served raisins at feasts. Spanish missionaries planted grapevines in California during the 1700's. Soon after the Civil War ended in 1865, former gold hunters discovered that the region of California now called the Central Valley had an ideal climate for producing raisins. The dry, hot summers allowed for grapes to ripen, and the low chance of rain after the harvest meant that the grapes could be sun-dried in the vineyard. Commercial raisin production began in California in the 1870's.


In 1872, William Thompson introduced seedless grape cuttings to California. Thompson Seedless today make up more than 95 per cent of the grapes used to make raisins in California. About 4-1/2 pounds (2 kilograms) of grapes produce 1 pound (0.5 kilogram) of raisins.

Payment Information
We accept
Cashier's check, Postal Money Orders.
We also accept
personal checks ,
but allow 15 working days to clear bank processing.

Make checks and money orders
payable to "Jack Slevkoff"
We no longer accept credit cards
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