Space is now available on

www. GemWorld .com

Provide us with your prep work or we can design something for you.
If you want us to design something,
send photo(s), graphic(s), and/or the text you want.
Ordinalrily, the total width can be no wider than 178 pixels.
Below are some working examples:

177 x 60 pixels

178 x 130 pixels

178 x 121 pixels

178 x 90 pixels

However, larger spaces are available for items such as
the banner below that can be placed at the bottom of a webpage.

GemWorld MOTIF
Opal Pendent Facetron Faceting Kit
Wedding Band

Approximately 440 x 100 pixels

The space can be used for a number of reasons.
Some are listed here:
  • Post Notices
  • Present your declaration(s), proclamations, and precepts for all to see.
  • Promote your Free Enterprise
  • Promote a book or video
  • Link to your Web Site or Blog.
  • Share information
  • Give contact information
  • Obtain email info from interested people.
  • Run a survey

Recomended Payment
in pixels
Week Month Year
50 $1 $3 $10
100 $2 $5 $15
150 $3 $7 $20
200 $4 $9 $25
250 $5 $10 $30
300 $6 $12 $35
Thank You

If you do not have an already designed graphic,
We can design one for you.

Recommended Payment
in pixels
Per Graphic
50 $10
100 $15
150 $20
200 $25
250 $30
300 $35
plus $10 for each photo We provide

Please let Us know what size
and how long of a time period desired.

Click on button to send email:

or send via snail mail:

Jack: Slevkoff
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno [Non-domestic]
California [Zip exempt]

Must be written exactly as shown in upper and lower case letters and brackets.
We receive hundreds of mail and packages in this manner without delay.
To see examples of packages and mail We receive without zip, without using CA,
and without delay, click here.


All information herein is subject to change at any time.

Scheduling and placement of your space is at our discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse space.

We reserve the right to refuse any request to design a space.