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New Here are some instructions that may be of help to you:

  1. Scrub the ceramic lap with dry lava soap.

  2. Wash the lap with a stiff nylon brush, rinsing and removing all of the lava soap and any debris. Let air dry.

  3. Apply 50,000 grit diamond (or 100,000 grit) to the lap. This is done by spraying diamond spray in several quick short bursts evenly across the top of the lap. This is best done by holding the spray nozzle a few inches above and away from the top of the lap.

  4. Take a piece of corundum (having a 1/2" to 2" flat edge or surface) in hand and hold the flat edge firmly against the lap. Move the corundum across the lap with firm pressure to work the sprayed diamond into the lap. Keep repeating this until the entire surface has been stroked thoroughly. This will take some time and the corundum may get hot.

  5. Scrub the lap again with lava soap and the nylon brush. Rinse with water and use the nylon brush to free any soap and loose particles. Air dry.

  6. Coat entire lap generously with white vinegar. Let evaporate.

  7. Set the ceramic lap into place on the faceting machine. With the lap running at moderate speed, spray the lap twice with the same diamond spray. Use a piece of clean tissue (Kleenex) to wipe the lap clean.
  8. You are now ready to polish. As you polish, you should get a white cream on the leading edge of the facets. If not, additional spray may be required. Don't over spray. Too much diamond will bunch up into tiny balls and scratch the stones surface.


  1. No water is to be used while polishing. Some diamond sprays contain extender fluid. If your spray doesn't have extender fluid, you can apply a tiny amount to the lap, but it is not necessary. The lap will polish without fluids.

  2. Some people will use a slight amount of Teflon oil or spray from auto stores.

  3. Others may use small amounts of WD40 or mineral oil.

  4. Use alcohol to clean the lap.

  5. For best results, use a 1600 Dyna disc or equivalent for pre-polishing purposes before moving to the next step of using the ceramic lap.

  6. Never use diamond paste or graphite. They may contaminate the lap.

  7. Some facetors will wash the lap before and after each use by applying dry lava soap firmly to the surface, rinsing thoroughly each time.

If you have another way or a better way to charge a ceramic lap, please let us know.

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