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We can provide some of the finest gemcutting services available with a custom touch. Our cutters are experts in the field of lapidary arts. We can cut your material or ours to your specifications. You can rest assured that the polish will be superb, the facets distinct, and the angles are correct. The following service fees are small in comparison to the fabulous stones that will be produced.

Cabbed Stones

Shape, Sand, and Polish

Opals, jade, precious and
semi precious gemstones

$100 plus $15 per gram of rough

Phenomenal stones
such as cats-eyes and stars
$125 plus $15 per gram of rough

Other rocks and stones
such as for Bola ties, buckles, etc.
$65 plus $15 per gram of rough

Add $35.00 for unusual shapes and calibrated standard sizes.

Touchups and repairs

$85 per stone

To receive your FREE estimate,
describe type and amount of work to be
done, approximate size and type of
material, and how it is used. Send
Us a picture via email in ".jpg" or
".gif" format

$85 minimum

Most likely, touchups or repairs may be
done while stone is in its setting. If the
setting or any part of the setting makes
it difficult to re-polish the stone in-place,
there will be an additional cost of $20
to remove the stone from its setting and
additional $35 to place back into the setting.

We can also supply the stone or gem rough if you do not have one. When We know what you want, We will check our inventory and let you know what is available for what prices.

Faceted Stones

Custom Cut and Polish
Moh's hardness of 5.0 through 8.5
$160.00 plus $8.00 per gram of rough

Moh's hardness of 8.6 through 9.2
$200.00 plus $10.00 per gram of rough

Add the following amounts for type of cut:
  • No extra charge for Standard Round Brilliants
  • $30.00 for special round cuts
  • $35.00 for Ovals and Marquise
  • $40.00 for Pears and Hearts
  • $50.00 for Emerald and Step Cuts
  • $60.00 for Cushion Cuts and Barions
  • $70.00 for all other designs
Add $50 to produce a calibrated size
to fit a certain standard setting.
Please indicate the calibrated standard size you desire.

For designs having more than 70 facets;
add $5.00 per facet over 70 facets.

Touchups and repairs
$120 per stone plus $3 per recut facet

Moh's hardness greater than 8.6,
add an additional $10 per recut facet

To receive your FREE estimate,
describe type and amount of work,
approximate size and type of material,
and how it is used. Send Us a picture
via email in ".jpg" or ".gif" format

$130 minimum on touchups and repairs.

Gemstones sent to us for repairs or
touchups should be loose. Otherwise,
there is an additional cost of $20
to remove each stone from its setting
and another additional $35 for
setting the stone back in place.

We reserve the right to refuse to do any work or provide any service.

Add $13.50 for return shipping and handling.
Items of value, add $1.75 per $100 of value for insurance.

Send us your rough stone or purchase one of ours. Indicate what type of shape or design you're interested in and the size of the proposed finished stone. We can help you determine the hardness of your stone and figure the costs. Just ask us. The work will not commence until you give us the okay.

The greatest possession of all is having JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior.
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Jack Slevkoff's Prized Possessions Division
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno [Non-Domestic]
California [Zip Exempt]

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