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New Here are some instructions that may be of help to you:

  1. Examine the stone for the best orientation to avoid inclusions and maximize yield and beauty. Create a flat on the gem rough using 600 or 1200 grit. Put a small drop of SuperGlue on the tip of the flat dop opposite the keyed end. Orient the dop to the gem rough and attach before it hardens.

  2. Five or more minutes after they're attached, place the keyed end of the dop into the quill of the faceting machine. Cut and polish all pavilion facets as well as shape the girdle to size.
    A dopped stone
    Remove the dop and stone from the machine. Inspect the finished pavilion facets thoroughly. Put it back in to the machine if it needs more work. Otherwise, prepare to transfer stone to another dop.

  3. On a piece of foil, mix equal amounts of the epoxy resin with the hardener using a clean toothpick. Mix thoroughly and allow to sit a few minutes so it will not be so watery.

  4. Clean the surface area of the pavilion and the tip of an appropriate size cone dop with denatured alcohol. Be sure the cone end of the dop you pick is smaller than the girdle. Place the keyed ends of the dop with the stone and the cone dop into the transfer block without contaminating the cleaned surfaces. Allow some space between the stone and the cone dop. Dip and turn the toothpick in the mixed epoxy lifting up some residue and place it only around the rim of the cone dop. A little on the inside edge and the remainder on the outside edge. Slide the dops together and secure tightly. Let sit about fifteen minutes to set up a bit.

  5. Put entire transfer block into an oven (small portable or toaster oven preferred). Turn it on to 250 degrees F. Turn oven off one half hour later (larger stones one hour). Leave transfer setup in oven and let cool slowly. When cool enough to handle, remove from oven. Remove stone with two dops attached. Tap the keyed end of the flat dop lightly on a hard surface. It will break loose and fall off the stone. The heat enhances the bond of the epoxy while weakening the bond of the super glue.

  6. Cut the crown facets and the table. Polish the girdle, the crown facets, and the table. Remove the stone and dop from the machine. Inspect it thoroughly. Put it back in to the machine if it needs more work.
    A dopped stone
    If not, put the stone into a small jar with lid (horseradish or seasoning jars are ideal). Pour in enough Attack® to cover the stone and a part of the dop. Cover with lid tightly. Let soak over night. The stone should come off freely the next day. If not, let it soak longer. After the stone is removed from dop, remove any remnant of epoxy from the stone and the dop with a toothpick. The stone will now glisten with its finished look. A stone you can be proud of.

I do not use wax, because the stone has a tendency to move if any heat is generated. Some stones are sensitive to heat and may crack during the hot wax application.

If you have another way or a better way to dop, please let us know.

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