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We would like to share some thoughts and comments from some of the travelers who have entered our universe. Some have plundered our goods. Others were just curious and enjoyed the sights. If you have something to share, good, bad or otherwise, we welcome your comments. We also accept suggestions, and questions concerning our site and the material that can be or cannot be found in the vastness of our space.

"Received UPS shipment of 'Jack's Choice' Faceting Laps yesterday, December 17. Thank you for prompt shipment. Was more than pleased with this package. Tremendous value for the dollar. Am looking forward to receiving Facetron. It's a Xmas gift for my 16 year old son. My wife and I are 'home-schooling' him, and I can't think of a better trade for him to learn. Enjoyed this transaction and am looking forward to dealing with you in the future."
Joel B.--Holly, Michigan--December 18, 1997

"I'm looking for a copy of the "Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones" by Arem to give to my son for Christmas this year. When doing an AltaVista search, your Web sites were shown to have this book. Do any of you have a copy of this in- stock that you could deliver to me in Colorado (US) in time for Christmas?..."
John L. H-December 18, 1997

"I was wondering if you had a catalog available. If you do please send one to..."
Terry S--Oroville, Washington--December 15, 1997
Our web pages are our catalog. It is too costly to prepare and publish catalogs compared to using the Internet. Published catalogs become quickly outdated. The Internet is very cost effective and responsive to our current needs. Easy to maintain and update without a lot of costs and preparation involved. We are continually adding more graphics and photos as higher tech modems, Internet lines, and computers can handle them without tying up a lot of download time. Also, we are continually adding more pages to the Internet. We do not have all items we sell listed on our website yet. If there is something that you need, but it is not listed, please let us know. We will respond with prices, a quote, or will try to help you find a source. Please let us know what you are interested in so we can continue to help you meet your needs.
--Prized Possessions, GemWorld Division

"Years ago I belonged to a mineral and fossil club, and had access to their equipment to slab, cut, and grind cabs. I am interested in a "starter" set of equipment to let me do so at home. I still have a lot of slabs, and some rough-"ready-to-grind" pieces to keep me busy for a long time, so even a small cutter could be delayed for some time. Could you recommend some relatively inexpensive equipment to do the job? I enjoyed reading about the equipment on your web page, but am unsure what would be most appropriate for me. I have limited work area, so something small, possibly portable, that might be used in a garage or kitchen area would be really great. I'm not looking to make any money doing this, just for pleasure and to make things to give as personalized gifts."
Rick H.--December 9, 1997

"Everything sounds great! I'll be looking forward to the order, especially the "lost" Tanzanite. What a nice price on that piece.

I've been collecting mineral specimens since I was around 5. I used to be quite active in the Gem and Mineral society in West Palm Beach, FL, and participated in the competitions. (I got a southern region 1st place award for a fossil collection) But only recently have I been facetting (less than 2 years). As an engineer, it seems to suite me well, and I actually find it relaxing. I get along well with my Ultra-Tech, and my gems blow away those at the local jewelry shops. I've done a number of stones for local people/friends etc., but have not seen much profit from my work. Since I work 50+ hours a week as a telecom engineer, I do not facet full time, and since time is a limited resource I usually only cut special/expensive rough. Besides the real good stuff is more fun to "find" also.

I discovered that the local shops don't want -real- gems ! They want me to cut synthetic junk...and pay me what the synthetic is worth (ie. nothing). They say people are not willing to pay extra for a real gem when they can get one that is perfect color and perfectly clear for much, much less.

So I do not really really have an outlet for my gems. I was actually thinking about a web page, but it is probably a bit difficult to sell an expensive gem just from a picture on the web. I also have some great sources for "special" rough that I though I may use start up a small side business. But I like the idea of selling the finished gems much better....higher margin and more fulfilling. If you buy gems wholesale from cutters what formula do you use to determine good value for your business?

Speaking of special rough... Would you be interested in a 80 plus GRAM top AA / grade 1 / top plus color / clear as glass TANZANITE ? It's "only" $550/gram. Amazing isn't it ! (Not something I would cut....I'd pass-out I think.)
Best Regards"
Brian S.--Garland, Texas--November 11, 1997

"Thanks for the speedy response...It sounds like a great deal."

"I am interested in your Tanzanite rough. The price seems to be exceptional."
Brian S.--Garland, Texas--October 27, 1997

"Hello.I'm a student and must say how appreciative i am for your website.I would like to know if you can furnish the prices of top quality one carat stones (rough cut) for the following: ruby , sapphire , emerald , onyx , topaz , garnet , jade-jadeite tanzanite , diamond , tourmaline , peridot , spinel and amethyst. My assignment is due on wednesday september 17, so if this information is within your reach i will be most thankful for any feedback.
Thank you so much."
R. J. N.--September 14, 1997

"Can you really get more copies of "Techniques of Master Faceting"? I have looked everywhere and have been told it is out of print. If you can get hold of a copy *please* hold it for me!

"Do you really have a copy of Wykoff's "Techniques of Master Faceting" in stock? If so, please reply and hold the copy for me and I will mail a check as soon as I hear from you. I will also order a copy of Wykoff's "Master Gemcutting Tips" and Henry Hunt's "American Lapidary: Designing the Carved Gemstone."

"Ah, yes yes yes! You have it in stock now?"
"I am so glad you have found copies of this book! Thanks!"
"I can't wait to read the book! Thanks for getting hold of copies."
Cate H.--Urbana, Illinois--October 23 to November 7, 1997

"I just thoought I would let you know that I have received most of my order. ( The Facetron is great!!) As well as the Crystalube extender... Thank you for your help. "
Mike O.--Austin, Texas--September 9, 1997

"PLEASE HELP! I'm desparately trying to find something that my mom refers to as a "mineral light". Her uncle would show her beautiful rocks under this light. Is this a blacklight and is it the same as UV light? Her birthday is coming up and I'd love to surprise her with a blast from her past. She's always been a rock lover, and instilled this love of all nature in her daughter. You'd be helping out a clueless daughter and making a 69 year old mom feel like a kid again.
Thanks for your fast response to a desparate email."
Bergit M. A.--August 18, 1997

"I've been around the jewelry business for over 20 years, and doing electronic marketing for over 12 of those years, in addition to running a major casting company. Recently (last 2 plus years) I've been doing Internet Strategy for our industry, and retailers in general. I also publish iJeweler, the jewelry industry internet update, a newsletter I've been writing for over a year that talks about the industry and the adoption and use of the internet. (I'll be sending it to you - I'd appreciate any feedback you would have).

Joey mentioned your site, and after I looked at it I wanted to be in touch with you. Bravo - a great site, clearly one of of the best in the industry!

I'd love to talk to you some, and give you some press (if you want it). I also collect stories of what's working and what isn't, as well as histories of sites, and would love to hear some of your thoughts on the internet and our industry.

Please call or write when you have a minute.

Rich G., C.X.E.--June 11, 1997

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