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We would like to share some thoughts and comments from some of the travelers who have entered our universe. Some have plundered our goods. Others were just curious and enjoyed the sights. If you have something to share, good, bad or otherwise, we welcome your comments. We also accept suggestions, and questions concerning our site and the material that can be or cannot be found in the vastness of our space.

"...Your website is looking better and better. Best regards, Barbara."
BS-March 30, 1996

"...I collect gems such as these and am intrigued."
BR-April 16, 1996

"...Have you considered creating a alphabetic "catalog" or price list section on your web page? One that could be directly accessed? There is a certain awkwardness in looking at the stones for sale by going back and forth from the list to the narrative. I look forward to receiving the zircon and recutting it. Best regards, Barbara"
BS-April 30,1996

"HELP! I found you on 04/18, printed off a few pages, now I can't find you again! Where are you? I've been using Excite for my search. Been all over gems, gem stones, etc. I can't for the life of me, figger this out. I'm interested in buying a spinel you have adv. But I also want to look at all of your stones. Please tell me how to find you again"
Pam D.-May 8, 1996

"I would be very interested in seeing pictures of your entire selection of black1 opals and grey opals. Is there any way this would be possible? I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech(history & liberal arts major), but I am fascinated by gemmolgy, and plan on taking GIA courses once I graduate from tech (and would welcome any career tips you could offer). I saw your stones on the internet, and couldn't help but ask to see more (and I love grey opals)."
Jennifer L.-June 19, 1996

"...The stones have arrived, and they are deligtful. This is the first time I've ordered gems based on verbal descriptions alone, and I was quite pleased with the accuracy of your descriptions. You can be assured of my repeat business. Thank you very much!! Regards, Lori Ann"
Lori Ann-June 20, 1996

"I'm trying to locate two strands of either 6 or 8mm round rainbow moonstones. Do you have them or do you know where I can locate them?"
Leslie-June 24, 1996

"your "beryl" page doesn't work! Something about not being "parsed" correctly. ??"
AGemCutter-June 28, 1996

"...Each time I visit the site it looks nicer and nicer and is easier to navigate. Good work. By the way, the zircon I recut sold for $250. (Got any more?) Best regards, Barb"
BS-July 1,1996

"...I was interested to see your entry in the MedNetAmerica pages - it looked great. Would you like a listing in OUR lifestyle sections..."
Bob G.-July 28, 1996

"Help?!?! I'm in the market for a Paparasha (sp?). Are you familiar with this stone? It's an orange sapphire. I'm looking for one that is between 2 - 3 carats."
XZ-August, 1996

"...Received, had it mounted, it is a perfect match. Thanks again. If you have a mailing list other than the internet please put me on it. Thanks again."
Mary Anna B.-September 13, 1996

"...I submitted an order for your item number 128 a Holly Blue Quartz stone. I think you have about the best commercial site for gemstones that I've seen. Some of the images are really nice, and the content is pretty good too."
Chuck H.-September 23, 1996

"You site looks great, and I love the pictures you do have with certain stones, and would like to see more."
David C.-October 17, 1996
If we add more pictures to our web pages, it will take longer to download. Some people may get turned off and leave because of the extra time involved for downloading. We have to keep an even balance. As the Internet systems speed increases so will the number of pictures and graphics increase on our web site.-Webmaster

"Dear Gemworld,
Very nice www site you have. Also interested in your Facetron deal. What is your phone number?"
Ed M.-October 23, 1996

"I would like to teach faceting to some of my students and need to find out if you accept school purchase orders?"
Keith O., Wilson Middle School-November 8, 1996
Yes, we do.-Prized Possessions, GemWorld Division

"Just visited part of your web site. It is great! One of the best, I've seen so far."
Troy--November 12, 1996

Great web page! I am looking for a tumbler, roughly 5 gallon or smaller. I will also need grits. If you have stock or can refer me please let me know. Thanks in advance
Mike W.--November 30, 1996
Yes, we carry tumblers of all kinds and sizes. Please check our web pages.-Prized Possessions, GemWorld Division

"I received the package from UPS with the laps last Wednesday (12/4) and the second package with the book and the holder today (12/11). I have realy been enjoying the faceting machine. The Dyna Discs seem to work very well (although I have nothing to compare them to. I have cut a round brilliant in amethyst, a square calibre cut in citrine and am working on an oval in garnet.
Jeff H.--Costa Mesa, California--December 10, 1996

"We were beginning to get a little concerned what with the first snow we have had in the last 4 years and the most snow that we have had in the last 25 years, but the faceter arrived yesterday in good shape."
"Thank you for your help. I am sure there will be other things we need to get in the future."
Joe W. P.--Mobile, Alabama--December 12, 1996

"I found your Gem World net site but was saddened to find that you sold your Mexican fire opals."
Steve B.--Houston, Texas--December 16, 1996

"You know I never really told you but you have an excellent site!"
Gerry P.--Toronto, Canada--December 21, 1996

"HI! Thanks for the URL we will have you linked in no time, will you please put a return link on your site so people can return back to our page when they are finished with your site. If you don't know how to do this let me know and I can take care of it for you. I visited your site and it is just the kind of thing I want linked to our site, Its really nice."
Susan H., GLW Shows--December 23, 1996

"I read how you dopped and it seemed to be easier than the ways the other books said how to do it. I am really enjoying the machine."
Joe W. P.--Mobile Alabama--December 28, 1996

"I would like to place bids on the following items: ... "
Susan L.--Archer, Florida--December 30, 1996

"You may remember our conversation and the tumbler I purchased from you recently. It arrived and all is well. I have done a couple of small things, however I seem to need some plastic pellets; can you supply them, and if so how soon and how much?
So far I am pleased with the machine. I may be in the market for some additinal equipment in the near future."
Thanks again for your help."
Mike W.--Old Saybrook, Conneticut--December 31, 1996

"I am breaking into this field with my now deceased fathers equipment he left to me, could you please send one of your cool catalogs containing "How to" books, my fathers are quite old to date, he didn't have enough time to teach me all that is needed, so I shall do it myself, & enjoy it!"
Michael J. K.--Waterbury Center, Vermont--January 2, 1997
Our website is our catalog from now on. We will continually add more items to the website.
If there are items you are interested in that are not on our site, please let us know.--Prized Possessions, GemWorld Division

"please send me the invoice for the folowing books: ..."
Khalid A.--Doha, Qatar--January 9, 1997

"I have been watching your site over the past few months and have finally decided to bid on some of your stones."
Rich M.--Blair, Oklahoma--January 12, 1997

"I am glad to hear that the two Linde Stars are still available, and I put an order for them now."
Kiyoshi K.--Nankoku City, Japan--January 15, 1997

"Thank you very much, we enjoyed your auction, I hope you will do it again."
Susan L.--Archer, Florida--January 19, 1997

"Hi, I would like to buy 1kg + of Rainbow Obsidion Rough of best quality. Could you please get back to me with a price and availability."
Mark A. C., Galactic Crystals--Australia--January 19, 1997

"I am interested in your Make an Offer page and I would like to participate in the auction. My offer is as follows: ..."
Kiyoshi K.--Nankoku City, Japan--January 19, 1997

"I am making the following bids for Gemworld's "Make an Offer" auction: ..."
Judy S.--Ann Arbor, Michigan--January 20, 1997

"I received the Linde Stars today."
Kiyoshi K.--Nankoku City, Japan--January 23, 1997

"Yes I finally received my laps. They were heavy! The attendant asked if I had received a bowling ball! I told her yes."
Gerry P.--Toronto, Canada--January 26, 1997

We receive lots of Email. Sometimes we can hardly keep up. The above are samples showing the variety of Email and the types of comments we receive.

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