If you would like to have us sell or make a webpage for your gems, jewelry, or related items, please E-mail us or write to us. Indicate what it is, the condition, minimum asking price, proposed selling price, your name, mailing and shipping address, phone number and if possible, email photos of the item(s).

Normally, our fees are as follows:

Option 1:

A $15 per item SETUP FEE is required before the item is listed for sale plus $3.50 PHOTO SETUP FEE for each photo shown.

Our COMMISSION FEE is 10% of the transaction price of your item when sold by us. It will be deducted from the sold price. The balance due you will be sent within twenty-five (25) working days of final sale. The buyer has fifteen (15) days to return your merchandise and receive full refund.

Option 2:

If you want to handle the sale yourself and not pay a commission, We can design a webpage for you and have it listed on Our website with Meta tags and your contact information.

DESIGN FEE is $75 per webpage plus $3.50 PHOTO SETUP FEE for each photo shown. LISTING FEE is $36.50 per 365 days and is to be paid in advance of listing. If the item(s) on the web page is sold, the web page remains on the internet for the full term indicating the item(s) was sold or no longer available. All communication and transactions will be between the buyer/inquirer and you.

When items are sent to Us temporarily for taking pictures,
please add $10.50 for return delivery and handling costs plus $1.60 per $100 of insured value.

Please let Us know which option you prefer.

Also provide Us with answers, documentation, and or information related to the following questions.
  1. Where are you located? Provide Us with contact info.
  2. How did you obtain the item?
  3. Why are you selling it?
  4. What is the least you will take for it?
  5. How soon do you need to sell it?
  6. Can you send the item to Us so that We can take pictures of it?
  7. What condition is the item? Is there wear, dents, nicks, abrasions, cracks, crazing, repairs, etc.?
  8. Are you the original owner?
  9. Do you have a receipt indicating you paid for it? If so scan it and email it to Us for verification.
All items sent to us must be sent insured
for the replacement value of the item.

Email us at:

Our temporary post (mailing) location is:

Jack Slevkoff's Prized Possessions Division
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno [Non-Domestic]
California [Zip Exempt]

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