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These are quality lubricants and coolants that can be used with your lapidary equipment such as slab saws, trim saws, flat laps, and cabbing equipment. Some items below are extender fluids that will aide in faceting, cabbing and polishing. Please read and follow instructions on labels for proper and safe use of these products.

This is a Silicone based extender fluid that makes diamond compound a little more fluid and easier to spread. Use about one drop per six drops of diamond compound to help spread compound over pad or lap.

1 ounce vial is $9.50 each (ship wt. 4 oz.)

TOOL COOL concentrate is a water soluble coolant/lubricant that gives longer life to diamond wheels, discs, and blades. Contains a special rust inhibitor.

Mix rate is 8 oz per gallon.
8 oz size is $9.95 (1 lb ship wt).
1 gal is $49.95 (12 lb ship wt).

by Kingsley North

LUBRI-KOOL coolant/lubricant is composed of highly refined mineral oil which is colorless, odorless, stain resistant and non-toxic.

1 gal is $31.75 (12 lb ship wt).
5 gal is $129.00 (60 lb ship wt).

A straight cutting oil that is a light viscosity oil to flush away waste. Excellent cooling, non-staining and no order. No mixing required. Low viscosity, transparent, light colored cutting oil that has been formulated using high quality refined base stocks. Shell Garia® Alum-Mag is a straight mineral oil. Applications include light duty machining, honing, glass and stone cutting/grinding. Excellent cooling properties, outstanding oxidation stability, non-staining.

1 gal is $43.50 (12 lb ship wt).

5 gal jug is $168.00 (60 lb ship wt each).

(Check for availability)
PELLA OIL is a high grade petroleum based coolant/lubricant.

1 gal is $46.50 (12 lb ship wt).

5 gal jug is $158.00 (60 lb ship wt each). 4 Jug Minimum

by Diamond Pacific

(No longer available)

NEW LUBE COOL 4800 a synthetic coolant/lubricant with rust inhibitors and skin conditioners. It does not contain any nitrosamines, phenols, nitrates, sulphur, chlorine, phosphates, or oil. It is 100% biodegradable.

Mix rate with water is 10:1
16 oz size is $19.95 (2 lb ship wt).
quart is $34.95 (4 lb ship wt).
Gal is $125.00 (12 lb ship wt).

by Diamond Pacific

Use ROC-CUT in your trim saws, cabbers, faceting units, and sanders--whatever uses a splash or recirculating system. It's inexpensive (mix 1 part with 30 parts water) and it will prevent rusting as well as give yopu a great cuttging lubricant. Nontoxic, non-allergenic, has no vapors, odor or greasy film. Can be filtered and re-used indefrinitely. Not for slab saws when cutting quartz materials, nor for leaving in tank.

16 oz size is $13.95 (2 lb ship wt).
Gal is $59.50 (11 lb ship wt).

by Diamond Pacific

At last! A cutting oil for rock saws that has none of the usual disadvantages of other cutting oils. ROC-OIL is rated as a food grade mineral oilo that is non -toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable under normal conditions. It has no odor, won't burn your skin (unless you are very sensitive) and has a flash point of $275°--way above normal temperatures. YET IT CUTS GREAT. Use it in any rock saw.

Gal is $36.00 (11 lb ship wt).
4 Gal case is $140.00 (43 lb ship wt).

by Crystalite
A water additive for use with diamond wheels and trim saws. This product is in powder form and contains wetting agents and rust inhibitors.

1 oz. packet makes one gallon
1 oz packet...$15.00 (ship wt. 8 oz.)
1 lb packet...$17.50 (ship wt. 2 lb.)
5 lb pack...$49.50 (ship wt. 6 lb.)

Gem Lube
by Diamond Pacific
This is a Silicon lubricant in a spray can for use with diamond charged wheels and laps.

2-1/2 ounce spray can is $14.50 each (ship wt. 8 oz.)

Gem Lube
Kingsley North
Full 100% synthetic water coolant, quality coolant free of chlorine, amines, and boron. 100% biodegradable, for medium to heavy duty cutting applications. Operator friendly, high stability and high lubricity. Mix 10 parts water to 1 part Gem Lube.
1 quart is $27.90 (3 lb ship wt).
1 gal is $75.00 (12 lb ship wt).
5 gal is $315.00 (40 lb ship wt).

Mist killer
by Raytech
(No longer available)
Aids in suppreassing 90% of the undesirable mists of oil coolants. This is what the lapidary field has been waiting for.

Pint bottle--treats five (5) gallons ... $23.50 (ship wt. 2 lbs.)
Gallon bottle--treats fifty-five (55) gallons ... $67.50 (ship wt. 12 lbs.j

Water Aid Water Aid
by Diamond Pacific
A concentrated wetting agent that increases cutting action of sawing, grinding, and sanding/polishing operations. It helps eliminate surface tension thereby preventing hydroplaning. It is biodegradeable and normally harmless to skin.

Approximate 6 drops per pint is all that is needed.
8 oz bottle is $7.95 (1 lb ship wt).
16 oz bottle is $10.50 (2 lb ship wt).
1 gal is $39.00 (12 lb ship wt).

412 Slick Lube is the most advanced coolant on the market today. A 100% synthetic polymer coolant which is a unique blend of wetting agents lubricants and rust inhibitors. Excellent for drilling and cutting with diamond instruments. Slick Lube contains no nitrosamines phenols nitrates sulphur chlorine phosphates or oil. It controls dermatitis with the addition of skin conditioners. Mix 1 part Slick Lube and 10 parts water and you have the best in a water soluble lubricant.
1 pint (16 Fl oz.) is $15.70 (3 lb ship wt).
1 quart (32 Fl oz.) is $29.50 (10 lb ship wt).

All items are subject to availability.
Prices may change at any time.

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