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Prestege Series II

Diamond Tester

EURO TOOL offers the Prestige Series II Diamond Tester with state-of-the-art technology assuring quick, accurate readings to determine if a stone is real diamond or a fake. Features include: Automatic and manual mode Linear display for increased information Adjustable gain for small stone sizes Compensation for ambient temperature Fast warm-up time - 10 seconds! Portable with one 9-volt battery (included) Auto shut-off with a push button switch Unique new anti-fade circuit which compensates for stone heating Low battery indicator for accurate readings Multi-purpose alarm (a. Beeps when ready, b. Metal alert, c. Beeps repeatedly when testing a diamond.) Shipping weight 2 lb.

Retail List Price is $105.00

Our price
is only

Dual Testor

Diamond and Moissanite
What is Moissanite?

The original one-step dual tester. Diamondnite tests for non-diamond, synthwethic Moissanite, or genuine diamond with one touch, taking only 1.5 seconds! Initial warm-up time is eight seconds; recovery time between tests is an astonishing one-second. Completely portable, uses one nine-vol;t battery (included); no awkward cord or adapter needed. Three minute shut-off alert to save battery. Simple on-off switch and no tricky adjustments. Gray shock resistant housing with easy to read instructions. Patent Pending. Protect yourself with the Diamondnite and get the right call every time. Shipping weight 2 lb.
Add $35.00 for optional pwer cord

Retail List Price is $229.00

Our price
is only


Diamond Tester
by JSP

One of the best on the market for the money with more features than most.
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Automatic mode requires no adjustments
  • Linear display gives much more information
  • Manual mode offers added stone size and temperature control
  • Adjustable gain for small stones that cannot be tested by other testers
  • Compensation for ambient temperatures-will not read sapphires as diamonds
  • Uses inexpensive replaceable 9 volt batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic battery shut-off
  • Multi-purpose audio signals
Shipping weight 2 lb.


by JSP
What is Moissanite?

One of the best on the market for the money.
  • Patented low voltage method avoids high voltage method errors
  • Uses a 9 volt battery
  • Compact, Portable,
  • no warm up time
Shipping weight 2 lb.

both testers

by JSP

Save $15.00.
when buying both testers together in same request

Shipping weight 4 lb.

Diamond Tester

by Presidium
Click on photos to enlarge

The A-SOURCE DIAMOND TESTER utilizes proven thermal conductivity testing method to instantly verify the authenticity of diamonds. Functionality of Presidium DiamondMate tester for less. Operates on alkaline (AAA) batteries or direct AC current. Batteries and AC adapter not included.

  • No waiting time between tests.
  • Pocket size.
  • Low batteries indicator.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Carrying case - soft.
  • 2 year factory warranty.
Shipping weight 2 lb.

List is $109.00

Our price is $97.00

AC Adaptor
Diamond/Moissanite Tester

by Presidium

What is Moissanite?

A-SOURCE DIAMOND/MOISSANITE TESTER utilizes the combine principles of Thermal and Electrical Conductivity from their patented technology. The measuring probes together with the electronics circuitries are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Within a split of a second, the test result will be displayed. Operates on alkaline (AAA) batteries or direct AC current. Batteries and AC adapter optional.

  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Clear LED display for Diamond, Moissanite and Simulants
  • No waiting time between tests.
  • Pocket size.
  • Low batteries and ready indicators.
  • Automatic power down - Low battery consumption.
  • Soft carrying case included
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
Shipping weight 2 lb.

Retail List is $184.95

Our price is $169.95

AC Adaptor

Diamond Tester
No Longer Available

Simulated Diamond & Moissanite Tester with White Sapphire Indication! Identifies, Detects, and Separates Diamond from CZ and Moissanite. Lifetime limited warranty. LED bar graph/beep tone provides audible and visual diamond, moissanite, and white sapphire indication. Ergonomic shape, with angled probe tip and finger grip. Bright White LED illuminator light. Probe Tip Sensitivity Enhancer Sheath (PTSES). ULTRAGrip rubberized Dura-Paint® finish with European style chrome plated accent panels. Exclusive metal warning beep tone indicator. Includes 3 AAA alkaline batteries. Battery saving auto sleep-mode function. Superior Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Sleek consumer packaging consists of a Premium GemOro embossed black leatherette presentation style case, with full color outer box cover, leatherette carrying pouch for storage. Easy to use instructions. Simulated Diamond & Moissanite Tester with White Sapphire Indication! Shipping weight 2 lb.

Retail List Price is $299.00

Our price
is only


Moissanite Tester
No Longer Available

What is Moissanite?

GemOro PRO-M™ Tester Moissanite Tester Identifies, Detects and Separates Moissanite from Diamond • Unprecedented lifetime limited warranty
  • Patented state-of-the-art ULTRA digital electronics
  • Bright white LED illuminator light
  • No warm-up time required
  • Durable ULTRA probe tip
  • Glowing probe tip cone identifies moissanite
  • ULTRAgrip rubberized paint finish
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Powered by 3 included user-replaceable long life niMH rechargeable batteries
  • Battery saving auto-off in 10 minutes of non-use
  • Superior Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • LED bar graph/beep tone provides audible and visual diamond, moissanite and white sapphire indication
  • Auto sleep-mode function
  • Protective carrying case, batteries, AC adaptor / charger, leatherette storage box and loose stone holder included
  • Designed in the USA
Shipping weight 2 lb.

Retail List Price is $169.00

Our price
is only


Diamond Tester
No Longer Available

Has a fully integrated metal detector that warns you if a metal setting is touched. Without the detector, the tester could be indicating diamond when you are really touching gold on a ring with CZ. Latest surface chip technology to provide repeatable and accurate readings every time. Patented electronics provide both audible and visual indication.

Various models:
CZeckpoint has built-in rechargeable Nicad battery with AC adapter/charger included.
CZeckpoint XL user-replaceable alkaline battery powered only.
Reliance AC AC power only. Built-in AC adapter. (Special Order item We may not provide)
Ceres Dual XL Moissonite/Diamond tester available. See listing below.
Ceres Secure II Moissonite only tester available. Please inquire.

Featured in all models:
  • Unprecedented lifetime limited warranty.
  • Next generation XL digital electronics.
  • Fast warm-up time.
  • Durable spring loaded XL tip.
  • Superior surface mount technology.
  • Audible & visual diamond indicator.
  • Battery saving auto shut off (except Reliance AC)
  • Protective carrying case included (except Reliance, Reliance AC)
  • Durable retractable tip.
Diamond/Simulant test plates and loose stone holder included.
Made in the USA.   Shipping weight 2 lb.

CZeckpoint XL
List is $149.00

Our price is

List is $179.00

Our price is
Ceres Dual XL

No Longer Available
Click on photos to enlarge
What is Moissanite?

Simultaneous diamond and Moissanite tester. One-touch immediate simultaneous test. Audible beep and visual lights indicating and separating diamond from moissanite. Retractable spring-loaded durable XL tip. Superior surface mount technology. Exclusive metal warning buzzer. Portable alkaline battery powered. Unprecedented Lifetime Limited Warranty. Made in the USA. Shipping weight 2 lb.

Our price
is only

Diamond Tester

by Presidium
No Longer Available
Click on photos to enlarge

A pocket-size, thermal conductivity method of verifying the authenticity of diamonds. Operates on a rechargeable battery or AC adapter/charger. Complete with metal detector, carrying case and three- piece Nicad battery pack.

DiamondMate-A operates on alkaline AAA batteries (Not included) or AC 120/230 V adaptor (optional)

DiamondMate-C operates on rechargeable (NICAD) batteries or AC 120/230 C adaptor (Both are included),

  • Retractable tip to ensure the accuracy and consistent pressure between the measuring probe and gemstone.
  • Pocket size.
  • No waiting time between test.
  • Metal detector intermittent beep
  • Measured diamond - continuous beep
  • Low battery consumption
Shipping weight 2 lb.

Model A

Model C

AC Adaptor

Tester II

by Presidium
No Longer Available
Click on photos to enlarge
What is Moissanite?

PMT II is a second generation moissanite tester developed using technology of electrical conductivity.

  • Pocket size
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Low batteries indicator
  • Continuous beep when measuring moissanite
  • Low battery comsumption
Shipping weight 2 lb.

Reflectivity Meter
Click on photos to enlarge

PRESIDIUM Reflectivity Meter Accurately measures the quality and quantity of light reflected through the stone thus give you an instant reading of its reflective index, therefore identifying the nature of every uncoated stone. For your easy reference, the instrument has a built-in Reflectivity Chart listing the most common stones, including Synthetic Spinel, Synthetic Sapphire, Y.A.G., High Zircon, G.G.G., Cubic Zirconia, Strontium Titanate, Diamond and Synthetic Moissanite. Operates on a 9 volt battery or directly from a wall plug. (Battery and AC adapter are optional)

  • Designed for Faceted stones, either Loose or Mounted
  • 100% portability with batteries operated.
  • Used without the need of a thermal conductivity tester
  • Reads fast, accurate and dependable (Instantly separates Diamond from all known simulants, including Synthetic Moissanite).
  • Finest quality
Shipping weight 5 lb.

List Price
is $212.95

Our price
is only
Gem Tester

Click on photos to enlarge

PGT/CSE provides a quick, easy, laboratory proven way to identify diamonds and separate the most popular colored gemstones from one another.

  • Powered by two AA batteries or adaptor (included).
  • Measure stones from 0.02 carat.
  • Metal detector - continuous beep.
  • Retractable tip to ensure the accuracy and consistent pressure between the measuring probe and gemstone.
  • Large analog display with common color stone thermal range.
  • Fail-Safe protection--checks against diamond and simulanrt test discs.(See below for stone set)
  • Optional 7 piece referent stone set for consistent presense between the measuring probe and gemstone
    add $117.50
Shipping weight 5 lb.

List Price
is $259.00

Our price
is only

by Presidium
Click on photos to enlarge

Portable Diamond Testing with thermal conductivity and reflectivity measuring in the same instrument. Double your confidence in testing for diamonds against all known simulants, including Synthetic Moissanite. Powered by five (5) "AA" batteries (not included) or AC adapter.

  • Metal detector--continuous beep.
  • Retractable tip to ensure the accuracy and consistent pressure between the measuring probe and gemstone.
  • Large analog display and digital index display for common color stones, Moissanite, and diamond.
  • Fail-Safe protection--checks against diamond and simulanrt test discs. (See below for stone set)
  • Optional 7 piece referent stone set for consistent presense between the measuring probe and gemstone
    add $154.50
Shipping weight 5 lb.

without stone set

AC Adaptor


What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a silicon carbide that looks just like diamonds or CZ's but is not.

Moissanite grown in laboratories is now being cut as gemstones and they are used as diamond simulants. Moissanite brings to the jeweler's table a similar index of refraction and better than twice the fire of diamond, but is only slightly less expensive due to the difficulty in growing the crystals. Moissanite is causing quite a stir in the jewelry markets.

As a diamond simulant, artificial moissanite is very hard to differentiate from diamond and can fool many gemologists. It does have many similarities. It is very hard at 9.25 (diamond is 10) and it is highly refractive with an index of refraction of 2.6 - 2.7 (diamond's IR is slightly lower at 2.42). Most important, moissanite and diamond are thermally conductive unlike other diamond simulants and unfortunately it is this property that is used as the test for the authenticity of real diamonds. Differences however are clear and other tests can be used to differentiate the two. First of all, moissanite is hexagonal, not isometric and therefore it is doubly refractive unlike diamond. A close look at moissanite gemstones should show double facet edges whereas diamond's cut edges are singular in appearance. Moissanite is also slightly less dense than diamond and is rarely perfectly clear of color, having pale shades of green. Also natural flaws are absent in moissanite replaced instead by tiny, unnatural, white, ribbon-like structures that are a result of the growing process. The synthetic SiC known as carborundum has seen many uses in hightech ceramics, electrical components, abrasives, ball bearings, semi-conductors, extremely hard saws and armor.

Natural moissanite is very rare and is limited to iron-nickel meteorites and a few other rare ultra-mafic igneous occurrences. Initially there were skeptics to the original meteorite findings and were attributed to the silicon carbide blades that may have been used to saw the type specimens. But this has been disputed because Dr Henri Moissan did not use silicon carbide blades to prepare the samples.

There are several phases of SiC. The original mineral discovered is officially known as moissanite-6H. The (6H) refers to the hexagonal symmetry of this phase of moissanite. There are two other phases recognized as minerals: moissanite-5H and the isometric phase beta-moissanite.

Moissanite is classified as an element dispite the fact, that in chemical reality, it is a compound! The reason for this is that the elemental bonds that exist between carbon and silicon are very similar to the carbon-carbon bonds of other elemental minerals such as diamond.

Purchase five to nine diamond testers of the same brand and type
and receive an additional
5% Discount.
Purchase ten or more diamond testers of the same brand and type
and receive an additional
10% Discount.

All items are subject to availability.
Prices may change at any time.

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